Estate & Gift

Pass your estate to the ones you love most with
peace, clarity, and protection.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones after you pass is a well
organized, structured, and documented estate. This protects your family from dealing
with undue strife, confusion, bureaucracy, and grotesque tax burdens in the middle of
their grief.

BWH has extensive experience working with our clients and their attorneys to
ensure documents, accounts, and records are in proper order for a clean transfer with
minimal federal estate and gift taxes.



Many people think they do not need estate planning because they do not have a large enough estate. However in the State of Wyoming, if you have over $200,000 of assets and you don’t properly plan, your family could end up dealing with probate issues which could take up to a year to make its way through the courts. Estate planning includes knowing the proper and best way to hold title to your assets as well as having the necessary documents to ensure the people you want to receive your assets actually do.

Northeast Wyoming’s Choice for Tax Planning & Preparation

BWH has served the Gillette, Moorcroft, and the entire Northeast Wyoming area for more than 40 years. We believe that a community like ours needs financially healthy businesses and individuals to thrive. It is our mission to help each client improve their financial health through intelligent strategic planning, accounting, and reduction of tax liabilities.

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