A healthy business starts with
understanding your numbers.

BWH works individually with our clients to determine what their business needs are and how we can best help them to grow their business and be successful. Every business has different needs and each business is at a different stage in their business cycle. Our job is to help you no matter what stage your business is in. That is why we tailor our services to your business’ needs.


BWH has a wide range of experience with construction contractors, plumbing and electrical contractors, oil & gas field industry, the banking industry, retail and service industry and many other types of businesses. We deal with businesses from the day they start all the way through their life cycle, including succession planning to the next generation which is one of the most important transitions to plan and execute.


Our advisors are experienced in guiding Wyoming businesses of all kinds. Whether you're an S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnerships/LLC's, or Sole Proprietor, we can help you understand your business' vitals and make clearer decisions in your growth strategies.

Northeast Wyoming’s Choice for Consulting & Guidance

BWH has served the Gillette, Moorcroft, and the entire Northeast Wyoming area for more than 40 years. We believe that a community like ours needs financially healthy businesses and individuals to thrive. It is our mission to help each client improve their financial health through intelligent strategic planning, accounting, and reduction of tax liabilities.

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